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Family Law Award

Family Law Award

Pax Law lawyers are rated top 3 divorce lawyers in North Vancouver
Business Law Award

Business Law Award

Pax Law lawyers are rated top 3 business lawyers in North Vancouver
Criminal Law Award

Criminal Law Award

Pax Law lawyers are rated top 3 criminal lawyers in North Vancouver
Immigration Law Award

Immigration Law Award

Pax Law lawyers and immigration consultants are top 3 immigration lawyers in north Vancouver

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Pax law's Dr. Samin Mortazavi and Ali-Reza Haghjou, RCIC are with you every step of the way. Pax Law has represented thousands of individuals to date for their immigration and refugee applications, judicial reviews, and appeals.

Study Permit Application Complete Package

from $8,500

  • Consult with an immigration lawyer or a consultant
  • Make an application for a Canadian study permit
  • Free Judicial Review included if necessary
  • Free post-JR updates included if necessary
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Refugee Application Complete Package

from $9,350

  • Consult with an immigration lawyer or RCIC-IRB
  • Make a refugee claim
  • Make a travel document application
  • Make a permanent residency application
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Pax Law is a Full-Service North Vancouver Law Firm. “Pax” is a Latin word meaning “peace”. Pax Romana was a period of peace and prosperity in the Roman Empire, starting with the reign of Imperator Caesar Augustus and concluding with the reign of Imperator Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus. During the Pax Romana, trade flourished across the Mediterranean, and Roman wealth considerably increased. We chose the name Pax for our firm, hoping that through our efforts, our clients would benefit as Roman citizens benefited under the Pax Romana.

Pax is a client-centered, top-rated, and effective North Vancouver law firm. We are committed to providing high-quality legal services to support our clients in the most efficient manner possible.

We listen to you to understand your concerns and the dilemma you are facing; We provide you with options and review the consequences of each option with you; and, We advise you on the best choice considering your situation and the outcome you desire.

We help clients with business matters, civil litigation, criminal defense, family law, real estate conveyancing, wills drafting, estate law, and immigration and refugee law. Our experienced lawyers will provide sound legal advice, fierce advocacy, and exceptional representation at reasonable prices. You can trust us to handle your case with the care and expertise you deserve.

Immigration & Refugee Department

Samin Mortazavi, managing lawyer at Pax Law has made thousands of applications to judicially review rejected Canadian immigration applications, including study permits, work permits, temporary resident visas, permanent residency, LMIA, and more with an overall 82%+ success rate. To check a matter update, visit the Federal Court’s website. Dr. Mortazavi represented immigration clients from Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Russia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Syria, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam, and Iraq at different court levels, Provincial Court, Supreme Court of British Columbia, British Columbia Court of Appeal, and the Federal Court.

If you have questions about your rejected Canadian visa, rejected Canadian work permit, or rejected Canadian study permit, you can ask those questions during our live Q&A sessions.

Dr. Mortazavi holds live online Q&A sessions at 12:00 pm PDT or 10:30 pm Iran Standard Time on Fridays. This live session is simultaneously broadcasted and saved onInstagram,YouTube,Telegram,Facebook Page,Facebook Group,Facebook Profile,LinkedIn, ReStream,Twitter, Clubhouse, and MS Teams.

Real Estate Department

Conveyancing is the process of legally transferring property from one owner to another owner.

When selling your property, we will communicate with the notary or lawyer for your purchaser, review the documents, including the Vendor’s Statement of Adjustments, and prepare the Order to Pay. If you have a charge such as a mortgage or line of credit registered against your title, we will pay out and discharge it from the sale proceeds.

When purchasing a property, we will prepare the documents needed to convey the property to you. In addition, if you are obtaining a mortgage, we will prepare those documents for you and the lender. Also, if you need legal advice and arrangements for estate planning to secure your family’s future and your own, you can rely on us to help.

If you already own property, you might need a lawyer to refinance your current mortgage or obtain a second one. The lender will provide us with the mortgage instructions, and we will prepare the documents and register the new mortgage at the Land Title Office. We will also pay out any debts as instructed.

Civil Litigation & Family Law

DepartmentAmir Ghorbani is Pax Law’s civil litigator and family lawyer. He focuses on helping clients achieve the best results in their disputes. If you have a dispute with a business partner, believe you have been hurt by the negligence or carelessness of another person, or are going through separation and divorce, call our law firm for help with the process and to achieve the best results.

If you need to contact us, please visit our Contact Us page.

From 1 January 2024, Pax Law rates are going up. If you need to make an appointment with one of Pax Law’s lawyers or regulated immigration consultants now is a good time!

از اول ژانویه ۲۰۲۴ حق الوکاله‌های ساعتی وکلای دفتر پکس-لا افزایش می‌یابند. چنانچه نیاز به دریافت مشاوره حقوقی دارید، هم اکنون وقت خوبی برای انجام این امر می‌باشد

Current Fees: Half an hour of immigration or refugee consultation is only $200 plus applicable taxes. Any other areas of law one hour starting from $350 plus applicable taxes.

Samin Mortazavi on CTV Evening News – Ukrainian Flight PS752

Meet our Management Team

Samin Mortazavi

Samin Mortazavi

Immigration Lawyer

Samin practices in Administrative and Immigration law. He focuses on appealing rejected Canadian visas in the Federal Court.

Ali-Reza Haghjou

Ali-Reza Haghjou

Immigration Consultant

Ali-Reza has 15 years of experience as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. He is a senior member of Pax Law's immigration department.

Lucas Pearce

Lucas Pearce

Real Estate and Criminal Law Lawyer

Lucas has extensive experience in the criminal defence field. He is also the head of Pax Law's conveyancing department.

Amir Ghorbani

Amir Ghorbani

Civil Litigation and Family Law Lawyer

Amir assists clients with civil litigation and family law issues.

Ali Yousefi

Ali Yousefi

Immigration Consultant

Ali has almost a decade of experience in the Canadian immigration industry and as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. He is a senior member of Pax Law's immigration department.

Leila Soltani

Leila Soltani

Immigration Intake Manager

Leila has been a member of the Iranian Central Bar for the past seventeen years. She assists clients of our immigration department.

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These blog posts are for general information only. Information provided in the posts are not to be relied on as legal advice. If you are facing a legal dilemma you are advised to seek legal advise from a practicing lawyer.


加拿大技术类申请快速移民通道(Express Entry,简称EE)的难度近期确实有所上升。最近EE的邀请分数一直维持在较高水平,大约在500分左右。这对很多申请人来说确实是一个挑战,特别是那些只有加拿大本科学历的申请人,如果希望通过EE实现移民加拿大的愿望,通常来说需要取得优秀的雅思成绩或者至少积累两年的加拿大工作经验。


关于加拿大的旅游签证,房间有很多不同的说法:访客签证、商务签证、旅游签证、陪读签证、探亲签证等等;稍微正式一点的叫法有加拿大入境签证、临时居民签证、TRV (Temporary Trsident Visa)等等。不管怎样,官方正式的称呼从来都只有一种—Visitor Visa. 按照入境加拿大的目的来说,旅游的临时访客居多,所以就有了“加拿大旅游签证”的说法。


“自雇”的定义是什么? “自雇”是您需要在递交申请的时候向移民局证明自己可以“自给自足”,凭借自己的专业和才能养活自己,不占用加拿大的就业资源;关键点1: 自己养活了自己;2: 可以自由安排自己的时间。 这条移民之路没有资金门槛,移民局也没有对语言水平和年龄作硬性规定,35/100的得分即可,详见下图;申请成功后,枫叶卡可以让申请人在加拿大境内任何地方居住、生活,没有限制。

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